English Activities is a free online English learning resource for kids and young adults studying ESL, EFL or ESOL. English Activities provides a full course of FREE learning lessons, games and tests to help children (and adults) to become profficient speakers at a simple level.

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All the English language has been carefully tailored to the UK ESOL curriculum for learners of English as a second language.

English Activities provides all its online lessons, ESL activity games and tests absolutely free. There are no hidden charges and no time limits when using the website. Being free doen't mean it looks bad either...we try to make our online resource as pretty and easy to use as other paid websites.

Who uses our free english online resources?

English Activities is primarily designed for children between the ages of five and sixteen who have a limited knowledge of English (ESL EFL or ESOL).

Ideally it compliments a structured school course but English Activities could be used as a primary source of language provided the child has some guidance initially. And if you go to a school which can't afford paid online English resources, imagine how happy they would be to hear about our free resources!

What makes English Activities so friendly to use?

English Activities has been carefully designed to be easy to use and understand. Simple navigation guides the learner from structured English language lesson through fun ESL activity games to timed English tests allowing the learner to assess their progress. All the materials can be used multiple times to build up knowledge and confidence through repetition. There are 50+ free online English topic to learn here at English Activities.

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