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Using games to learn ESL was once a radical concept but with the advent of kinasthetic learning ideas, they have proved very popular with teachers seeking to make their lessons more interesting. Our English learning games are designed for individual learners to play in order to reinforce language learned in a more structured context.

English games at englishactivities.net

Hangman game with the topic Family members at English Activities
Hangman game with the topic Family members

    Key features of our ESL / EFL games :
  • These English learning games will help kids from 5 years learn simple ESL EFL while having fun
  • All our games allow you to listen to the correct English pronunciation for any vocabulary
  • These games will improve not only English speaking but writing and spelling too
  • All the games are free to play with 54 different English topics

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ESL English games help box

  1. Choose a game by clicking on its name in the play area
  2. The game will load - there are instructions on the settings page on how to play each game
  3. To change your English topic, click on 'Start here' in the top bar at any time
  4. To switch between games simply select the games sign at the top of the page
  5. Each of the games can be played with over 50 English learning topics
  6. All of our English activity games are free to play

If you need help while playing a game, click on the '?' button on the left pole. The help box for the game will display automatically.

Once you have played some games, why not try our English tests to check your progress...

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