MIX AND MATCH matching game for ESL

Mix and match is a simple drag and drop matching activity for learners of English as a second language. The game is set in a play room where the toys need to be put away. Picture blocks must be put in the correct boxes to score points.

Key features of our Mix and match ESL game

  • This is a simple game of matching the picture to the correct English word or phrase
  • The words can be seen (and heard by rolling over the boxes)
  • For each picture a choice of 3 different words or sentences is offered
  • Matching ten pictures and words wins the game

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ENGLISH ACTIVITIES - Mix and match game help

There are 3 boxes for tidying up the play room. Each has a word or phrase under it. Clicking on a box plays the speech for those words.

  1. You see a block with a picture on it
  2. Drag the block into the right box
  3. If you are right, you score a point
  4. If you put the block in the wrong box you lose a point
  5. To go to the next picture, click the 'Next picture' button
  6. If you get 10 points you win the game

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