These lessons are designed to be used by children and young adults to learn new English vocabulary, phrases and simple sentences. The lessons are constructed so that any English learner can go through a simple series of steps to learning 10 items of related English vocabulary in a topic. The lessons do not require the presence of an English teacher, and can be used by individual learners or even by small groups.

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Introduction to the language: People-portraits

The lessons use a technique called '3 stage questioning' to help learners to grasp the meaning of vocabulary and help them to start learning that vocabulary by heart. Each self-taught lesson begins with an introduction to a topic. The introduction shows a series of pictures which depict an item of vocabulary - either a noun, a verb or some other form of speech act. The English speech for that image is played, and the corresponding text is shown on the screen. The speech for each picture can be repeated by the learner. The learner is asked to repeat the spoken language a few times.

Once all 10 pictures have been viewed and the speech repeated, there are 3 stages of reinforcement offered to teach the learner the meaning of the vocabulary. The 3 stages of learning are:

  1. Yes or no?
    The learner is shown a picture and an English word or phrase is shown and played.
    The learner must decide if the two correspond.
  2. Either / or
    A picture is shown with two possible answers and the learner must say which answer matches the picture.
  3. What is it?
    Finally a picture is shown in combination with all 10 items of English in the topic.
    The learner must select the correct item of language.

The lessons can be studied mutliple times by the student, and English tests are also available if the student wishes to check their grasp of any particular topic.

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English lesson help

The English lessons are divided into an introduction to the language and three teaching activities. These activities together are called '3 stage questioning'.

If you are new to the topic you have chosen to study, choose the Full English language lesson. If you are familiar with the topic, you can choose the 'Quick refresh' to check your knowledge of the English for this topic.

Work your way through the introduction first. Listen to the spoken language. Make sure you repeat the English as you hear it, and then again a second and third time. Then play the audio again to check your English pronunciation. You should also write down each word or phrase you see on the screen to learn the spelling for that vocabulary item.

Once you have done the introduction, proceed to the 3 teaching activities:

  1. Yes or no? Do the picture and the language match?
  2. Either / or : Choose the correct answer from the two.
  3. What is it? Choose the correct answer from the 10 offered.

Use the instructions in the brown box on the left while doing these activities. See also the brown info box above for more information on doing the 3 activities. Do the activities one at a time and check your scores. You should expect to get 4/5 or 8/10 before going to the ESL activity games for this topic.

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