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Aim: Collect the strawberries, avoid the bees
Move the beetle with the arrow keys or by tapping the screen. When the beetle catches the strawberry, you must answer the question. If you get it right you keep the strawberry and earn points.

Your final score is based on the time taken minus health lost divided by 10.
Activity - sports

The beetle and the bee game to
learn Sports in English

Interactive English adventure game to feed the beetle and avoid the bees (and learn some English)...

With our The beetle and the bee game for "Sports" you will be learning the English vocabulary for the topic Sports. The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 10 Sentences about sports you do.

1I cycle.I cycle.
2I go horse riding.I go horse riding.
3I swim.I swim.
4I play football.I play football.
5I skateboard.I skateboard.
6I play hockey.I play hockey.
7I play table tennis.I play table tennis.
8I run.I run.
9I iceskate.I iceskate.
10I play tennis.I play tennis.

The beetle and the bee is an ESL adventure game for kids and young adults where you control a beetle which wants to collect the tasty strawberries and avoid the stinging bee. Have fun while you learn your English vocabulary and grammar!

There are 10 different screens to play in "The beetle and the bee". In each screen use the arrow keys to get to the strawberry then answer the question correctly to win that strawberry. You then have to get your beetle back to the portal without hitting the bee...

Key features of our ESL adventure game

  • Timed adventure game - you lose life when the bee hits you
  • Win strawberries by answering ESL questions correctly
  • Two levels to complete - 5 screens in each level
  • Fastest times are recorded for each topic
  • Learning English as a second language doesn't get better than this!

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How to play The beetle and the bee
to learn Sports in English

Play The beetle and the bee game to learn English

Get the beetle to the strawberries and avoid the bees - fun fast game!

  1. Choose "The Beetle and the bee" from the English games selection page.
  2. On the settings page click on the PLAY button to start playing.
  3. You are in the first screen of a simple maze.
  4. You are the beetle and you want to eat the strawberry but there is a bee who will try to sting you.
  5. Each time the bee stings you, you lose a little of your life.
  6. Use your keyboard's arrows to move the beetle over the strawberry.
  7. When you do, a box will open with a English multiple choice question for your selected topic.
  8. Click on the correct text to answer the question.
  9. If you are right you win the stawberry - in either case, now you must get back to the swirly 'portal' at the top right of the screen.
  10. Rolling over the portal takes you to the next screen of the maze.
  11. There are two levels with 10 screens in each - in the second level there are 2 bees trying to sting you...
  12. You need 5 correct answers to get to the second level, and 5 correct in the second level to win.
  13. It's a fun game, but it is very hard to get through to the end!

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