Aim: Knock out the objects, avoid the bombs
Click or tap and hold to destroy the objects while avoiding the bombs. When you knock out all 10 targets, you must answer the question to continue to the next level. There is a time limit of 30 seconds to get all 10 targets or you lose 50 points.
Numbers - to 100 (2)
Numbers - to 100 (2)

UXO game to learn English :
Numbers - to 100 (2)

UXO is a "click to clear" game with multiple targets at different levels

Play UXO to learn English at englishactivities.net

UXO is a fun game to learn English where you attempt to knock over all the target objects in a level while not clicking / tapping on the bombs. You will find if you are on desktop that it is easier to hold down the mouse button and drag over the objects rather than clicking on them.

With our UXO game for "more Numbers to 100" you will be learning the English vocabulary for the topic more Numbers to 100. The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 10 Some numbers like 34 and 89 between 10 and 100.

1twenty onetwenty one
2twenty twotwenty two
3twenty threetwenty three
4thirty fourthirty four
5forty fiveforty five
6fifty sixfifty six
7sixty sevensixty seven
8seventy eightseventy eight
9eighty nineeighty nine
10ninety oneninety one

After each level, win an additional 50 points by correctly answering a English question from your selected topic. Wrong answers lose you 20 points but you can attempt to answer multiple times.

Each level lasts 30 seconds: if you haven't cleared all the targets in that time, you lose 50 points. High scores can be added to the UXO leaderboards if you wish.

Notes on the UXO game

  • This is a fast paced game of clicking or dragging over moving targets.
  • Also suitable for tablets and mobiles (it's actually easier than with a mouse)
  • Answer English questions correctly for a higher score
  • Hit all the targets in 30 seconds or you lose points.


Music : Robotertanz by Shane Ivers

Images sourced from Pixabay by the following artists:

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How to play UXO to learn
more Numbers to 100 in English

Screenshot of UXO  to learn English at englishactivities.net

UXO is a "click to clear" game with targets to hit and bombs to avoid.

  1. In each level of UXO, hit all the target objects.
  2. You can clear targets by clicking on them or by dragging over them with the mouse down.
  3. You have 30 seconds in each level to clear the targets.
  4. There are 10 levels max in the game.
  5. In the first level there are 10 targets and 5 bombs.
  6. The number of targets increases by one in each level.
  7. You get 10 points for each target you hit.
  8. You lose 5 points for each bomb you hit.
  9. When you have hit all the targets or 30 seconds have elapsed, you get a English question from your selected topic.
  10. Answering the question correctly adds 50 points to your score.
  11. A wrong answer takes 20 points away from your score.
  12. If you get a question wrong, you can try to answer again.
  13. Your final score is a combination of your targets score minus your bombs score plus the points you get from the English questions.
  14. There is highest score leaderboard for each topic.
  15. The highest possible score for a 10 question topic is 1950.

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