HANGMAN game for English ESL EFL ESOL learners

Hangman is an old word game that children played together on paper to test their vocabulary skills. This is the classic paper hangman word game updated for the internet age. Our hangman game is a free online resource for kids learning English ESL EFL ESOL and can be played with 54 different topics to improve English language skills (vocabulary and sentences) and have some fun.

How our hangman game works to improve your English
You are playing against the computer which selects a word or phrase from the English topic you are learning. You must guess the letters in the words before you are hung. Wrong guesses add elements to the gallows that is gradually built on the beach, and the sky darkens and the clouds gather unless you guess correctly...the game ends either with you safely guessing the text and having a little dance, or with your character dangling from the gallows...

Make sure you do the simple English language lesson before attempting this hangman game or you may find it quite difficult...

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Hangman game help box

In our hangman game you start on an empty beach.
There is an English on-screen keyboard for entering your guesses.
Spaces in phrases are marked by an '_' (called underscore in English) and any punctuation in sentences is filled in for you.

  1. Click on PLAY on the settings page to start
  2. Click on letters you think are in the word or phrase
  3. If you guessed correctly, all the instances of that letter are filled in
  4. If the letter does not occur in the word or phrase a piece of the hangman is added
  5. Complete the word or phrase to win the game
  6. If you are hung, don't worry, just click on Play again and have another go!

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